About PuPuRu Japan Shop

We are pioneer in delivering "pleasantness" and "support" to people’s daily life and to corporate activities through rental communication equipment.

PuPuRu International, Inc. was established in 1987.
PuPuRu has been sharing so many good memories with our customers from all over the world for nearly more than 30 years.

We started rental business of Wi-Fi and Cellphone as a pioneer to help in facilitating the environment of communication better under the circumstances of inadequacy of free hot spots in Japan. Due to the increase of SNS recently, the environment being connected with Internet is highly requested. And this movement is getting as a top urgent issue more and more across Japan.

In the trend of major change from ownership to rental / sharing by streamlining and utilizing the mobile network environment, we will bring together the wisdom of all employees as a service provider that contributes to people’s daily life and to the economic activities of the company, and we will devote ourselves to realizing a better world ever than before.

PuPuRu International, Inc.
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MAIL: [email protected]